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From winemaker dinners, special holiday menus, drinking school and citywide promotions, there is generally always something to look forward to. Hope to see you at our next event! 

190 Sunset drinking school series

Work to make the grade as 'Professor' Niles Peacock
educates you on his favorite subject - Booze. 
 Enjoy delicious eats prepared by Chef Clive Gomez, sip cocktails and learn about the history of the classics and their significance in cocktail culture.   
Classes will contain a variety of the explorations of drinking . From guest distillers to blind wine tastings, each class will have its own unique subject!
Upon completion of each class, students will receive a "Diploma of Drinking" based on the area of study, assuming your final exam is passed!  Limited space available.

Email us at info@190sunset.com reserve your desk now! 

Tentative class date 6.17.17



blind tasting wine dinner


How does your palate rack up to the rest? 190's first Blind Tasting Wine Dinner. Inspired by the 1976 Judgment of Paris Tasting, where California wines bested the best French wines in a blind Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay tasting. 190's own Sommelier, Niles Peacock takes you back in time as you experience the art of blind tasting.  Enjoy four delectable courses prepared by Executive Chef Clive Gomez. LImited seating, make your reservations today! 

Email us at info@190sunset.com to make your reservations today!